Wednesday, May 11, 2016

Badatz : Eruv is as if non-existent.

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In response to the popular question regarding the “Eruv Storm” in the shchunah, without going into the halachic matters and reasons and arguments regarding the establishment of urban eruvin in today’s large towns, and particularly b’asra d’rav, in the Rebbe’s shechunah:
A) First and foremost, in the words of the Rebbe: “The rabbonim who know the local conditions – are to decide when it is crucial in a certain place – to make [an eruv] or not.”
B) The thought and attempt to arrange an eruv without the consent of the local rabbis – border on destroying yiddishkeit, rachmana litzlan.
C) Practically speaking: It’s absolutely forbidden to carry in the streets of the shechunah on Shabbos. Such an eruv is as if non-existent.
In the zechus of proper Shabbos observance, may we merit the fulfillment of the saying of our sages, that had the Jewish people keep one Shabbos properly they would be immediately redeemed.
Signed: by Rabbi Aharon Ya’akov Schwei and Rabbi Yosef Yeshaya Braun
The footnotes make reference to a range of halachic issues, as well as letters of the Rebbe on the matter. Mention is made of a saying of our sages that when the youth say to build and the elders to demolish, obey the elders, the construction of the youth is destruction; the demolition of the elders is construction.
A lengthy quote from the Rebbe appears about how to relate to views of Rabbanim; how individuals attempt to persuade Rabbanim to rule as they wish.

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