From its inception, the establishment of the Badatz of Crown Heights has been challenged from within and without. See tab "In the Rebbe's words".

Thanks to the addition of the new, young, highly capable and energetic Rav, Harav Y. Y. Braun, shlita, the Badatz has given the community a new level of service. This includes a guide of detailed halochos before each of the Yomim Tovi, how to respond to natural disasters and abuse, the Call of the Shofar—just to name a few.

This and much more was accomplished despite the challenges that arose from within and without, including extremely limited resources. Just imagine how much more could be done if the members of the community would do their part by giving their full support.
There are many exciting new ideas that are waiting to be implemented, but would only be possible with the proper monetary support. We need all to pitch in.
[Unfortunately, because of some unforeseen circumstances the Vaad Hakohol was not able to meet their obligations to the Badatz, the Vaad overlooking this new fund decided to temporarily step in to cover the shchuna’s obligation to Rabbonim Harav Shwei and 
Harav Braun].

A special fund has been established for this purpose.

The undersigned members of the Vaad have taken on the responsibility for managing the fund: 

Yosef Boruch Spielman, Yosef Yitzchok Spalter, Zeev Cadaner, Chaim Fogelman, Shmuel Malamud

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