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כאן צוה ה׳ את הברכה 
"Here Hashem has commanded his Bracha!"

This is the term the Rebbe coined for our community (based on Tehilim 132)Crown Heights, the neighborhood that the Frierdiker Rebbe had chosen to reestablish the headquarters of Chasidus and to continue the chain of all the Rebbe'yim in America. Here at 770 Eastern Parkway is the new-world base, the Rebbe's Shul, Beis Medrash-Yeshiva, the place where he would receive people on Yechidus, teach Torah and Chasidus, and direct all outreach activities. Seven-seventy has become known as Beis-Moshiach the place that leads the world in its final steps to bring Moshiach.

In the late 1960's-5720's when people started fleeing Crown Heights, the Rebbe intervened, and got involved in the plans—down to the smallest detail—not only to preserve the shchuna, but to ensure that it expand and flourish, although at the time it looked like he was fighting a losing battle. One of these activities were, that the Rebbe established a fund to buy homes that were being sold, and to hold them until a prospective buyer could be found. click here to find out more.
To this very day Crown Heights is the central Chabad-Lubavitch community, and is home to the central Chabad-Lubavitch mosdos. Shluchim from the world over come here to be in "770-Beis Chayeinu" and recharge their kochos. 

In the summer of 5746, the Rebbe promised in a Sicha that Crown Heights with expand and thrive, and that ahavas yisroel will rule here, not the dollar!
In the original Hebrew:
"רווח והצלה יעמוד ליהודים ממקום אחר", שכונה זו, השכונה של כ"ק מו"ח אדמו"ר נשיא דורנו – תתבסס ותתרחב ותתפתח ביתר שאת וביתר עוז, ובסופו של דבר, תהי' זו שכונה שבה תהי' שליטה וממשלה – לא לכסף . . אלא לאחדות!
משיחת ש"פ מטות מסעי תשמ"ו (בלתי מוגה) - נדפס בקונטרס צדיק למלך ח"ד

Right after the first elections of the Rabbonim, in reference to their hachtarah-inauguration on 28 Sivan 5746, the Rebbe explained in a Sicha the significance of this new appointment, and said that everything that happens in this neighborhood has a global effect, because this is the neighborhood of nesi doreinu.

Crown Heights, Its Structure

At the heart of a Jewish community is its Rav. This is so not only because a smoothly-running ship needs a captain who will have the final say. It is because for a Jew, the Torah is his life—כי הם חיינו—and the source of all the brochos from Above, even b'gashmiyus. The Rav, (the moreh horaah b'poyal, the acting halachic authority), who takes on the task and the challenge to implement the Torah in our day–to-day lives is to be highly valued, respected, and cherished. 
Over the years the Rebbe shared with us new insights on how much responsibility and power Rabbonim have. He would ask them to pasken on many different shaylos, and even about the imminent coming of Moshiach!  In addition, the Rebbe set up a Beis Din in Crown Heights. When obstacles arose, he said “פונה אני מכל עסקי”, “I'm setting aside all my other matters to see this through. [see section 'in the Rebbes words' at length..]

This can be seen as a preparation for the time when "I will restore your judges as in days of old, and your counselors as in the beginning." 

This takes on new meaning after the shocking sicha of 2 Adar 5748, when the Rebbe said that if ever he will not be able to be asked directly, we should ask three Chasidishe Rabbonim.

In order that the Beis Din should function properly, in 1986-5746 the Vaad Hakohal of Crown Heights was formed. 

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