Monday, February 22, 2021

הלכות ומנהגי פורים 5781 Laws & Customs for Purim‎

 Click below for a PDF produced by the Badatz of Crown Heights of the Day-to Day Halacha Guide, laws and customs for Purim 5781

Do you remember the last time Purim was on Friday? 
We've excerpted the Erev-Shabobos-specific halachos from the full-length guide in just 4 pages so you can easily print and share!

Laws and Customs for Purim 5781 
Hebrew link Click Here English Link Click Here 

For "An Erev-Shabbos Purim"
Excerpted from the Day-to-Day Guide Click here 
To see the abov in Hebrew
with many additions to the guide Click Here 

To receive future Yom Tov guides by Mail in the USA go to

Copies of the Halacha Guide are now avalable for sale at
CH Butcher
Kol Tuv 
Empire Kosher 
Market Place 
Kettle & Cord
Merkaz Stam 
Judaica World 
With blessings for a Happy Purim!

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