Thursday, July 24, 2014

One Minute Halacha Daily - 69 Buying & Giving Presents during the 9 Days

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#69 Buying and Giving Presents during the Nine Days
There is no Halacha that forbids us from giving presents, including birthday presents, during the Nine Days, with the exception of Tisha Be’Av on which it is forbidden to give a present. Even buying the present during the Nine Days is permitted. According to Halacha, if one needs to buy something they need right now, such as in the case of a birthday, when the gift needs to be given to the person on the day of the birthday which happens to be in the Nine Days, one is allowed to buy the item even during the Nine Days. The same rule applies to buying an item that is on sale during the Nine Days, but will no longer be afterward. Similarly, an item that will no longer be available after the Nine Days may be bought during this time. Consequently, one is allowed to buy a birthday present and give it during the Nine Days, but not on Tisha Be’Av proper.
Practical Halacha: One minute a day. By Horav Yosef Yeshaya Braun, shlita, member of the Badatz of Crown Heights.
Text by Miss Esther Rochel Elkaim

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